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Data Democratization: Stage 5, Executive Actions

It is said that there are no million-dollar ideas, only million-dollar actions! Hence, all thoughts, plans, and decisions need follow-up actions. So for these actions to be most effective, organizations need to drive activities driven by data.

The executive actions in successful enterprises are taken by the executives and undertaken every day by all employees. Enterprise change management is a complex process, and it needs a change of culture. Data needs to tell a story that resonates with employees at every level, motivating them to continue to take incremental steps (actions) to move the ball towards the goal post.

While such actions are set in motion at every department, team level, there must be continual monitoring of whether efforts achieve desired results. As mentioned in earlier sections, the change is constant. Defining measurable key performance indices and continuous tracking of teams provide a path to make mid-flight adjustments. Such feedback loops improve success chances while mitigating the risk posed by changing conditions, both internal and external.

Accelerant has created data-centric playbooks for various departments such as Finance, Supply Chain, Operations, Sales, and Marketing. Our solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure and reap the benefits of scalable cloud from Microsoft. We can assist you in defining measurable KPIs and putting together a framework to create closed-loop monitoring for continuous improvement.


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