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Data democratization: An approach to building a better enterprise

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

It is often stated that a better democracy is built on broader civic participation. We can apply the same concept to build a better enterprise. The biggest asset in any organization is its PEOPLE.

Once the leadership defines a company’s vision statement, every employee needs to make smaller decisions to help in the enterprise’s collective success. Hence, by democratizing data, we facilitate better data-driven decisions at every level. For some legacy organizations, it may be necessary just for survival in the 21st century.

Becoming a data-centric organization doesn't happen by buying the fanciest tool in the market. It is an alignment of executive leadership, cross-functional teams, agile technologies, and persistence. This is not a project that will have an end date. However, it is a journey with essential milestones, and every next milestone provides exponential benefits to the competitive edge.

In this series, we will break down the various stages in the intelligent enterprise journey while poking pun at slogans from the recent political discourse.

Stay tuned for more. We will discuss the various stages in the intelligent enterprise journey in our upcoming blog next week!


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