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Improve Data Agility 
          At Scale

Data Cloud
Cloud Reliability

Always on, available anywhere, highly secure solution built on Microsoft Azure.

Construction Pre-Planning
Pre-Built Integrations

Connect leading business applications, Databases, and IOTs.

Visual Project
Powerful Visualizations

Create sophisticated visuals in minutes.

Industry Insights

Leverage industry standard key performance indices (KPI) to measure business performance.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Run industry specific machine learning models to understand trends.

Ready to find out more?

Ask us about a free demo of SHARP platform, powered by Microsoft Azure.

                                            Accelerate your data journey 


Harmonize: Connect every end point, application, data and things to provide standard KPIs across enterprise.


Analyze: Apply various time series techniques to analyze data.

Story-tell: Smart visuals that enable story telling with data.

Predict: Apply sophisticated AI models to predict likely outcomes.

Act: Provide actionable information to decision makers.

Accelerant SHARP
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