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AI-powered Clinical Data Management
  • Automated Data Dictionary and Coding: ML techniques ensure uniformity in the coding system to ensure data representation and terminology consistency. 

  • Faster Data Submission: Intelligent data source validation with EDC for efficient data monitoring and submissions.

  • Talk to data: Human voice assistant that lets you talk to your clinical databases for information retrieval in natural language

Operational Excellence
  • Study 360: Monitor overall study KPIs and get insights on overall progress. Identify pitfalls and hurdles to overall clinical trial velocity.

  • Site 360: Analyze sites for benchmarking against each other. Figure out incentivizing lagging sites for better enrollment.

  • Anomaly detection: Get auto-alerted on protocol deviation trends and adverse event patterns in real-time.

Efficient Financial Execution
  • Budget 360: Understand per-patient cost trends, identify costly delays, and compare with the budget.

  • Auto Reconciliation: Reconcile clinical milestones-based payments for better transparency with sites.

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