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Intelligent Data Ingestion
  • Document Capture: Capture documents from multiple sources, including scanned paper documents, emails, digital forms, and more.

  • Data Extraction: Extract structured and unstructured data from documents using OCR and NLP. This can include text, numbers, dates, and even contextual information

AI-Enabled Data Processing
  • Data Validation and Verification: Include validation checks to ensure the accuracy of extracted data. This might involve cross-referencing information with databases or predefined rules.

  • Document Classification: Classify documents into different categories based on their content, layout, or context. For example, it can distinguish between invoices, contracts, and receipts.

  • Data Integration: Integrate extracted data with other software systems, databases, or workflows to automate further processing or data entry.

  • Data Transformation: Transform data into a structured format suitable for storage or analysis.
Automation And Reporting
  • Workflow Automation: Trigger predefined workflows based on the content of documents. For instance, it can route invoices for approval, send notifications, or perform specific actions based on predefined rules.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Analyze document processing performance and trends.

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