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Data Science

Gain knowledge from your data

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AI Applications

Deploy intelligent bots to enrich internal or external applications.

Accelerant application developers have vast experience in deploying Azure cognitive services & Bot services with pre-trained models that can be customized with your data.

  • Enhance application with speech, vision and language cognitive services.

  • Improve decision making with anomaly detections within application.

  • Understand context of omni-channel conversation with customers.

  • Start with a simple template and grow in sophistication.

Knowledge Mining

Get deep understanding about your business by mining knowledge in your digital assets.


Accelerant data scientist can help you gain hidden insights scattered throughout digital assets in your organizations.


  • Knowledge mine unstructured, semi structured and structured information.

  • Unlock the value trapped inside spreadsheets, pdfs, documents, images etc.

  • Scale with growing rate of unstructured data creation.  

  • Increase compliance and reduce regulatory risks.

  • Start small with low investments into Microsoft Azure AI.

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Machine Arm Assembling Car
Machine Arm Assembling Car

Machine Learning

Run next generation analytics by using artificial intelligence capabilities of Azure AI + Machine Learning.

Accelerant highly skilled data scientists have decades of experience analyzing data using advanced statistical and machine learning models. 

  • Implement data science models on your data in weeks.

  • Understand the data context to enable richer customer interactions.

  • Choose from various industry best practice models without investing to upfront much cost.

  • Build, deploy, and train models from cloud to the edge.

  • Model history and data drift for better results.

Microsoft Cloud Expertise

Azure AI + ML 

  • Azure Machine Learning

  • Azure Databricks

Azure Knowledge Mining

  • Azure Cognitive Service

  • Azure Cognitive Apps

Azure AI Apps

  • Azure Bot Service

  • Azure Intelligent Apps

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