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Enterprise Data Management

Make your data business ready
Data Engineering
Data Cloud

Design, Implement, Monitor and Secure your data on Microsoft Azure.


Accelerant certified professionals can engineer your organization’s critical data in state of the art Microsoft Azure Cloud. 


  • Choose and implement the correct data storage solution.

  • Develop cloud based data pipelines to process data from on premise or cloud application.

  • Optimize enterprise data load in the cloud

  • Design and implement data security policies and standards.

  • Monitor data load for optimal performance and compliance.

Data Operations
Data on a Touch Pad

Integrated data operations to provide accuracy, reliability, security in enterprise data.


Accelerant has over 12 years of data operations experience to implement enterprise data management practices in a practical timeline.


  • Data Governance model that includes stakeholder management and data lifecycle management.

  • Master Data Management techniques that include data stewards and configurable rules for managing data across multiple applications.

  • Data Quality Management activities focused on Data cleansing, Data enrichment, and Data integrity checks. 

  • Data stewardship that operationalizes maintenance of data model definition, data rules and policies. 

Business Intelligence
Business Meeting

Accelerant Microsoft Power BI professionals can quickly create industry standard visualizations to enterprise business intelligence.

  • Analyze structure and unstructured data in one powerful visualization dashboard

  • Enable actionable insights and alerts

  • Create enterprise wide KPIs to foster data driven decision making.

  • Deploy analytics on smart phones to assist on-the-go reporting.

  • Scale dynamically up or down based on usage.

Data engineering

Efficient data storage

Fast data ingestion

Scalable compute 

Data operations

Data Governance

Master Data Management 

Data Quality

business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning

Data Engineering
Data Ops

Microsoft Cloud Expertise


Azure Data Engineering 

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Azure Analysis Services

  • Azure Event Hubs


Azure Data Operations

  • Azure Data Share

  • Azure Data Catalog

  • Azure Cosmos DB

  • Azure Data Explorer


Azure Business Intelligence

  • Azure Power BI

  • Azure Databricks

  • Azure Log Analytics

  • Azure Stream Analytics

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