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Supply Chain

Know sooner. Act faster. Reduce waste.
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Demand Forecast

Profitable fulfillment starts with accurate forecast.


  • Run time series and advanced statistical models

  • Harness big data and machine learning

  • Drive down error rates with actionable alerts

  • Run numerous what-if scenarios

  • Integrate social media sentiment analytics.

Business Plan
S&OP Planning

Collaborate and achieve revenue, cost and margin targets.

  • Create cross department visibility for better accountability

  • Run multiple what-if scenarios

  • Create repeatable data driven process for better predictability

  • Standard templates to analyze KPIs (performance, plan, budget).

Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie
Inventory Optimization

Reduce cost and deliver quicker by optimizing inventory.

  • Templatized integration with demand, supply and ERP

  • Run sophisticated models to reduce stock out and expirations

  • Discover patterns to align inventory with market trends, seasonality, and operations constraints

  • Decide inventory policies based on machine learning models




  • Inbuilt data profiling, cleansing

  • Data standardization templates

  • Intelligent data deduping

  • Ongoing data stewardship



  • Built on secure Microsoft Azure

  • Plug and play integrations

  • Engaging modern visualizations

  • Flexible & scalable cloud solution



  • Template library of industry standard KPIs

  • Deploy solution in weeks

  • Start small and add later

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